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Lisbon Experience

Welcome to Lisbon, the city of the seven hills (in fact actually there are 36!), one of the most ancient cities in the entire world. A city full of history, contrasts, details, appealing gastronomy, exotic people, a mix of Europe Africa, Asia and America. The second most ancient city capital in Europe (Athens in Greece is the fisrt one), even older than Rome itself.

Lisbon is the capital of Portugal, it sits at a point where the river Tagus meets the Atlantic, where beautiful white sandy beaches are waiting for you. No more than 15 km south you can find the famous beaches of Caparica.

Lisbon has a population of about 570 000, but the great Lisbon with its surroundings makes it up to 3 200 000.

In Lisbon you can find great avenues, with beautiful architectural buildings, fashion restaurants and cafés. You can feel like being in a modern European city, as well as finding yourself in an old village, in the so called “Bairros Típicos”, where old costumes still prevail, where neighbours still talk from their balconies, and children play in the street.

Here is a city of contrasts, a city of many souls, the city of the calçada portuguesa (Portuguese paving) a hallmark of Lisbon’s streets, squares and parks decorating walkways with traditional and modern designs. The city of azulejos (glazed tiles), you can find them everywhere from church interiors, buildings facades, to metro stations; the city of Fado, this musical gender full of sentimentalism!; the city of Saudade, this so Lusitanian feeling that you’ll discover only by feeling the Lisbon Experience.